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    Arcadia is a GREAT place to host your next party, whether it's for one of your kids, or your spouse! My wife surprised me with a party at Arcadia a few years ago, and it is one of my fondest memories.

    It is quite simple, and here is how it works. You tell us (via email, text, phone, facebook message, etc) when you would like to have it. We will check to see if anyone else has that time reserved, and if not we put you down. There is no cost, your guests simply have to pay to play the games like any visitors.

    You can have your party during our normal open hours if you want, but I can't reserve the museum for private use during those hours. Some visitors travel a long way to visit the museum and I wouldn't want them to arrive and find it reserved. However, if you want the museum to yourself, you'll need to pick a time outside of our regular hours. At the moment, that would mean either Sunday morning, or any evening after 9pm. I am happy to open it any time. Also, the museum is rarely busy during regular hours, so it has never been a problem in the past having a party on a Friday night or Saturday.

    Although we are working on an expansion that will have a party room, there currently is not one. There is a decent sitting area in the front of the arcade museum with a coffee table, couch and several chairs. There is also a folding table tucked between the Target Alpha pinball and the Burgertime videogame that you are welcome to get out and set up if needed. You are welcome to use this area and table and can bring in your own food and drink, provided that you clean up any messes that are made.

    The museum has a couple of changers, so you don't have to bring quarters. about 60% of the games are 25 cents per play, and the rest are either 50 cents or 3 plays for a dollar.

    Let us know if you have any other questions. You can also call or text us if you prefer - 309-287-1725 (John).

    E-mail me for a reservation or questions!.

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