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    We sell in several different ways.

    1) You can Buy from our eBay Store
    We have been selling on eBay since 1998. Our Store Name is Vintage Videogames dot com. Selling successfully on eBay requires that a lot of time and effort be put into each listing. For this reason, we have only a tiny fraction of our inventory on eBay.

    CLICK HERE for VintageVideogames.com's listings.

    2) Buy one of our Best-Selling "MULTI-GAMES"
    Our hottest item currently is an amazing game that plays 60 of the most popular classic videogames from the 70s and 80s. All of these games play identically to the originals. Check out one of the links below - you won't believe all you get in one of these exciting game cabinets.

    We use nothing but ORIGINAL, classic game cabinets for our multi-games. Others build cheap cabinets in their garages using plywood from Home Depot, and cobble together the electronics as cheaply as they can using refurbished LCD computer displays. Their games don't look, feel, play, or hold up like an original classic game. Not at VintageVideogames.com.

    We use original, top-quality, commercial videogame monitors and original classic cabinets for our multigames. The result is a quality finished product that is original (except for the computer board), restored, and that looks, feels, plays, and holds up just like one of your favorite games from the 80s.

    We have many available now. Please call for more information: 309-287-1725
    For example, we currently have multigames in the following cabinets: Donkey Kong, Ms. Pac Man, Galaga, Pac Man, Xevious, Space Invaders.

    3) Buy an original Classic Videogame or Pinball machine
    We have the largest selection of full-sized coin-operated arcade games of anyone out there. Our inventory changes quickly - we are constantly buying and selling. So it is difficult to keep our inventory up to date. Also, due to market value fluctuations, it is near impossible to publish a fixed price list of our inventory.

    Although we have plans to put our entire inventory list on this page, for the time being, you need to simply email us and ask if we have the game(s) for which you are looking. We have over 500 unique titles in stock at all times, and well over 1000 games in stock at any given time.

    4) You can purchase game parts from us
    We have tens of thousands of parts for classic videogames and pinballs. It's even harder to publish a list of these parts. Our owner, who is a seasoned website developer and programmer, is working on a new application to inventory and sell our parts online. Until this is done, you will again need to just email us and ask if we have the part(s) for which you are looking.

    We do sell some parts under various circumstances. In some cases, however, we may refuse to sell a part we have just because we may feel the need to save it for our own future use. We constantly acquire games that are in need of parts. In fact, we frequently "convert back" many classics that were converted to something else. This requires a lot of original parts.

    (c) 2003 American Pride Amusements by John "Vectorman" Yates. Please send questions, comments, or suggestions about this site to our webmaster.