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    We are always looking for ANYTHING arcade related to help this museum survive.

    If you have old videogames or pinballs, we may need them for the museum.

    If you have old parts or game boards, we may need them to fix or restore games for the museum.

    If you have stuff that isn't worthy of being in the museum, we could use it to sell or trade for stuff that we do need for the museum.

    Please help. We've been working on getting this museum launched for about 15 years. We have finally have done it, but we need help in order to survive as it isn't going to make a lot of money.

    We are mostly looking for large bulk buys of game stuff - like warehouses full. We will come with semis and haul away everything: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    But even if you just have a few games / parts or even just one - but it's good old stuff, please contact us.

    I wager that we will offer more money than anyone else around for this stuff. But if you don't need the money we would also be very grateful if you could "donate" it to the museum cause. We are currently working on getting non-profit status so you could even deduct its value.

    If you have stuff you would like to discuss selling or donating to the museum, please call (or email) immediately. We are passionate about this stuff and will be delighted to take your call anytime.

    Please call our curator, John Yates, at (309) 287-1725. Or email him at jayates@vintagevideogames.com.

    Thanks for your consideration!
    America's Playable Arcade Museum
    107 Hamilton St. McLean, IL 61754

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